1898 Model

This is the later and more commonly-seen version of the 1895 Pocket Kodak. Starting in 1896 the red leather-covered camera was discontinued, and the old sector shutter was replaced with Kodak's much simpler and more reliable rotary shutter, with pull-out tabs for time exposures and a choice of three apertures. The viewfinder was changed from round to rectangular and the aluminum inner body was replaced with wood. These later versions were all covered in black leather.

While the 1895 Pocket Kodaks were not marked with a model designation, in 1896 the inside of the camera box was marked as “'96 Model.” Slight modifications led to this “98 Model” two years later, and still later a “Model D” (there was no '97 Model). The Pocket Kodak was discontinued in 1900. This camera is in near-perfect original condition, and is complete with its rare and fragile original cardboard box, labeled on the top as Pocket Kodak, and the original instruction manual.