This is the second version of the Type Q Graphophone. First dubbed the Type QC, and later called QA, the mechanism was mounted to a wooden base with typical bent oak cover. This was a very popular option and it is commonly found with a light or dark ('antique') oak finish. The intense dark green color of the cover and base shown here is unusual. Both Columbia and Edison used green oak finishes in the early 20th century, although it is rare to see any phonograph with green stain as dark as this Type QA. It is hard to imagine how this color would fit into Victorian decor, so it's not surprising that it proved to be unpopular and was soon discontinued. Unlike the earlier version with brushed steel base, this 1901 design has a 'japanned' black base with gilt striping and a filigreed key. The support for the governor was moved from the base to the motor assembly.

Aside from the unusual dark green case, this machine is distinctive for its very rare horn made of blue translucent celluloid with a metal bell. Measuring 20" in length, it is supported by a small table crane. Very few of these fragile horns have survived. The original Columbia decal is mostly intact.