1898 Model

This is the third version of the No. 2 Bull's-Eye, although aside from having a standard tripod mount and nickeled hardware there are few differences between the first 1896 version and this 1898 model. Like the 1896 model, it was originally priced at $8.

I use many of my antique cameras to shoot with modern film. Of all my early cameras, this one is my main "go-to" for frequent use. Although original 101-size film has not been available since 1956, with modern 3D-printed spool adapters it is possible to load common 120-size film (in production since 1901!). I made a mask to reduce the image size to 2-1/4" square, smaller than the original 3-1/2" but in the same proportions. The printed markings on modern film backing correspond with the smaller format and allows use of the original red exposure window on the back.

Although not pristine, it is in excellent overall condition and is a fine example of a 19th century camera that is still perfectly usable today. The photo below was taken with this camera.