1898 Model

The No. 4 Bulls-Eye Special was a much larger and higher-quality variant of the No. 2 Bulls-Eye. The exterior design is similar but larger, and the hinged front panel lowers to reveal a high-quality rapid rectilinear Bausch & Lomb lens, with an iris aperture. It has a more complex shutter, with three speed settings in addition to 'bulb' and 'time.' It has a locking design that requires cocking the shutter before it can be fired with a separate push button. There are internal bellows, with focus adjustable by a knob on the right side, with distances marked on a celluloid plate for guidance. It originally used 103 film (discontinued in 1949), yielding images of 4 x 5. The overall condition is remarkable, with near-perfect leather covering. Even the front door pull is intact.

Unlike the standard Bull's-Eye, the photos were not square. Consequently it is fitted with two viewfinders, for portrait or landscape orientation. This is the 1898 Model, originally priced at $20. Subsequent models with slight improvements included an 1899 Model, then Model C and finally D, before production ended in 1903. the original price was $20.