KODAK "BEAU BROWNIE No. 2" in Original Case

In 1930 Kodak hired Walter Dorwin Teague to design Brownie cameras with a more up-to-date appearance. Teague created cameras with pronounced Art Deco styling elements, with front panels featuring highly polished metal and enameled geometric inserts in a variety of colors – black and burgundy inserts as on this camera, blue, green, rose, and tan. Green and rose were only offered in late 1930 and 1931, the others lasted into early 1933. The leatherette covering has a very distinctive pattern that is unlike any other Brownies. Two versions of the Beau Brownie were made – Model 2, which uses 120 film, and 2A, which uses 116. It was made with a special two-piece “Doublet” lens which allows a shorter case than standard Model 2 Brownies.

This camera is in nearly perfect condition, no doubt thanks to being stored in its original carrying case, with matching leatherette covering. The inside lid of the case is stamped with the Beau Brownie designation.

This is one of my "go-to" cameras for shooting film today. It is dependable, simple, and yields excellent photos on modern 120 film.