KODAK "PREMO JUNIOR No. 1, MODEL B" in Original Box
ca. 1913

This camera was manufactured from 1908 to 1922 and is complete with its original box and instruction manual. The print date of the manual places this example around 1913. Both camera and box are in exceptional condition for their age the camera itself looks new. It is a simple box camera, measuring approximately 3" x 4-1/2 x 5-3/4, with a meniscus lens.

It used sheet film that came in a pack of 12 and produced a negative 2-1/4" 3-1/4 in size. The hinged rear door would be opened to insert a film cartridge. A flap on top opened to reveal numbered film tabs. After taking a picture, the first tab would be pulled up, which in turn pulls a new sheet to the front closest to the lens, and brings the previous sheet to the back. The tab is torn off and discarded and it was ready for the next image.